Mrs Swati

explorers playschool teacher
Mrs Swati, 29, has 7 years of teaching experience with playschool children. She is always accessible to students of her class. She ensures that each child in her class experiences a personal connection with others in that class. She thinks her soft voice helps her the most in managing children in he

Mrs Malhotra

explorers playschool principal
Mrs Malhotra, 43, is a passionate educationist. With more than 20 years of her career in schools she has been involved with various functions, like classroom teaching, organizing outdoor education trips, sports events, stage performances, examinations, and managing entire school. She has also conduc

Ms Rashmi

explorers playschool teacher
Ms Rashmi, 25, has 2 years of experience with playschool children. She is able to engage and teach children effortlessly. Children enjoy attending her class. Most children from her class got admissions in top 3 senior schools of Dehradun. She is meticulous in her work, and gives credit to her immacu

Ms Pooja

explorers playschool teacher
Ms Pooja, 21, has 3 years of teaching experience in primary schools. She is quick to develop bonding with children making them feel comfortable in her classroom. She focuses on every child and ensures that each child understands the concept taught in the classroom. Her biggest strength is that she f

Ms Riya

explorers playschool teacher
Ms Riya, 20, has 2 years of teaching experience at playschools. Children enjoy doing rhymes and stories with her. On her previous job she had won the award of ‘Best Oral Teacher’; quite apt indeed.