Our Approach

We ensure complete peace of mind for parents working at MAX Hospital by providing a place for their kids by:

  • offering a program which is designed to meet special needs of toddlers, preschool and primary school children in a safe and nurturing environment. We offer day care options ranging from few hours a day to full day
  • strengthening the bridge between your work and family life by creating a special place that supports them both
  • providing a home-like environment at Explorers Day Care where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace with similar care and attention they get at home
  • engaging children in fun and playful activities like book reading indoor games, songs and movies, etc.
  • creating a beautiful and stimulating environment with plenty of sensory experiences

Providing safe, affordable, high quality childhood care for children of Doctors, Nurses, and other Staff members working at MAX Hospital

Safety and Security

We give top priority to safety and security of children. The infrastructure, equipment and material at Explorers are child safe, minimizing chances of any accidental injury. From leaving the home to returning home, your child is monitored by our experienced staff. We ensure that we keep children engaged in fun, playful and educational activities throughout the day. The staff to children ratio ensures children are not left unattended at any time. All female teaching and support staff.

Health and Hygiene

Full time cleaning staff, equipped with latest cleansing materials, works rigorously to ensure a clean environment. Fresh, clean bed sheets and linen are used at the center. The toilets are well maintained by the cleaning staff who cleans toilets regularly throughout the day. Children suffering from flu or other infections are advised to stay home to avoid spreading any infection to other kids. We also have a Pediatric Doctor on call during operating hours.

Food and Sleep

Lunch at 1 pm, and snacks at 4 pm. Children bring food from their home. Juice, milk and almonds in snacks with age appropriate taste.
Clean, hygienic sleeping room with cotton mattresses, pillows and quilts.

Indoor and Outdoor engagement

We engage children only in Indoor activities like book reading, games, etc.
Outdoor activities have been prohibited by MAX management to avoid children interaction with visitors at MAX Hospital.